Farfel and Bob's Cats vs. the Internet

by Kendra Carmichael

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Cat humor for the geeky cat lady--or cat man!

Farfel's an orange tabby with a heart of gold. Family comes first--except when the Internet is involved! From cat circles to cucumber snakes, the humans are getting too many bad ideas online. The Internet has to go!

Meanwhile, Marcia's on a cat lady quest for Internet stardom. Bob's epic cuteness is reaching its limit! Can he satisfy her voracious viral video needs? Or will the Internet be their undoing?Armed with Farfel's double-paws and Bob's penchant for purring, the two felines take the fight to their humans. It's time to go Internet-free or bust!

Farfel and Bob's Cats vs. the Internet is a standalone story. Enjoy this fabulous feline series in any order. Get your paws on a copy today!