Her Billionaire Step-brother

by Fiona Miers

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What do you do when you find out you’re pregnant? To your step brother? When you’re accused of trickery? When you’re the cause of breaking apart the best relationship in your life?
It doesn’t end there. I’m tied up in the family’s business venture and I have to hold my part. It’s only for a week. Or two. I can get through it.
I love him. I’ll do anything for him. Even if it paints me as being a calculating bitch, I’ll do whatever he wants.
I’m a self-made billionaire. An international success. I love the money, but not the incessant narcissistic followers. I’m very careful who I let close. At long last I found someone I thought I could trust. Someone I could have a future with. Love.
Turns out she’s my stepsister, and the daughter of the gold-digger who ensnared my father.