Asura Night

by Fionn Jameson

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Monsters exist. But so do demon hunters, and they’re not giving up the fight easily.

Emi Tsukijima is your typical Golden Miss—unmarried, unattached, and living the high life of a successful Japanese businesswoman. But something darker is on the horizon for her…

For months, Tokyo has been rocked by reports of a serial killer the press has dubbed "The Shibuya Slasher," a psychopath who supposedly consumes his victims while they still live.

Even in her darkest nightmares, Emi never imagined that she could be the next victim—much less being rescued by a mysterious figure from a past long forgotten—but that’s exactly what happens as she returns home from a night out and is ambushed in a dark alley.

But as it turns out, this fabled serial killer might be a little less than human. And her long lost ex-boyfriend might be the one hunting it.

Taken as a pawn in the war between the ghouls haunting the streets of Shibuya and a shadowy organization dedicated to bringing them down, Emi must make the ultimate choice: become the queen of a race of immortal otherworldly creatures, or sacrifice herself to save the city from them.

Her decision will change the world...

For better or for worse.