by Serena Akeroyd

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Simone Barranquet is in a rut. In fact, her life is one huge rut. Until she falls into the arms of Zane Matthews (The Zane Matthews!) and unwittingly finds herself.
But even then, life can't hand Mona a candy bar. There's always something bittersweet to spoil her happiness, and in this instance, it's Zane's husband.
Yeah. Husband!
Can Mona wade through the fallout to find her own Happy Ever After? Or is she destined to lead a Zane-free and love-free life?
If she can grab the bull by the balls, then maybe, just maybe she can.
But does she have enough cojones of her own to do just that?
Part One of the Naughty Nookie Series.
This book is a re-release, BUT has been edited and revised.
Over 138,000 words of rip-roaring raunchiness.
Contains: Explicit sex scenes. M/M/F, anal play. Some scenes of violence.
Sensitive content: adultery.