Perfectly Damaged: Luka : A bad boy mafia romance

by Alice May Ball

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“All American Asshole. Comes with one good-guy coupon”
Forbidden love, forced engagement and a secret pregnancy
Former Navy SEAL Luka is hired to protect Alexa for her mobster fiancée. Alexa is suspicious. Plus, she and Luka have a secret already and if the mobster learned about their recent meeting in a bar, it could get Alexa killed.

Opposites attract. Luka is hard, rational and tough. Alexa is intuitive and instinctual but she cannot ignore the way he makes her heart pound. Only she can see the man deeper inside him.

Secrets beget secrets and soon Alexa waits anxiously to use a testing kit from a pharmacy, which she also got in secret. Plots, double crosses, kidnapping and murder are the mood music of their torrid and stormy forbidden relationship, can they survive long enough, hold on tight enough to come together?

THIS FULL-LENGTH NOVEL has sex, violence, betrayal and double-cross in the New York underworld. It ends happily ever after for (nearly) everyone and with no cliffhanger.

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