by Serena Akeroyd

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'Will the bedroom be the only place he wants her?'

Noah Lincoln is no ordinary tycoon.
Sure, he's rich, and yes, he can date the hottest models, and a helicopter? Yeah, he has one of those too. Move over, Grey. But, what he doesn't have, is Tara.
She of the curves, the brains, and the viper's tongue with a wicked British accent that gets him hotter than Hades in high summer.
Tara's not his usual type, and that's what's driving him nuts. Until he gets her out of his system, he knows she'll be that one itch he desperately needs to scratch.
The only problem?
She's his employee. Noah doesn't date employees. Or at least, he didn't.
For Tara, he'll make an exception, but will she appreciate being yanked out of her world and into his?
That's if he can convince her to date him at all. Because all things considered, she's not entirely head over heels for this rich and sexy Yank. Noah will have to pull out all the stops just to get her into his bed, but in the end, will the bedroom be the only place he wants her? Or will Tara worm her way into his heart…?

Approx 70,000 words

Book ONE in the brand new, contemporary romance series by Serena Akeroyd.
Book TWO coming July 2016.
This is a novel without a cliffhanger ending, however, it should be read in the series order.