Anya's Freedom

by Lisa Daniels

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Little more than a slave, Anya dreams of stirring the hearts of others. But when her masters come for her, she has no choice but to flee. Right into the path of a dragon…
Anya works on a plantation. It’s miserable, back-breaking work, and it’s the only life she’s known. It doesn’t, however, need to be the only life she’ll live. She tries stirring the other serfs with ideas of equality, but sees that they’re too afraid to listen. And when one of them reports her to the masters, she has no choice but to flee.
Kalgrin, on the other hand, has plans. Plans to kill the plantation owner, snatch all the humans currently tilling the land, and place them in safe areas. He ditches those plans when Anya crashes past him, chased by wyrms. Either he stands by and watches her die, or he takes matters into his own hands, transforms into a dragon, and saves her. Humans can be such trouble to save at times…