Forsaken Prince

by Andrea Pearson

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Jacob refuses the role of Forsaken Prince. Until his father and little sister are kidnapped...

When an attractive girl tells Jacob he's the Forsaken Prince and that an entirely different planet needs his help, he calls her crazy and sends her on her way. But then he discovers dead demons in his house, his mother beaten, and his father and sister kidnapped, and he's forced to begin a dangerous journey.

Now Jacob must team up with Aloren to find a magical key and stage a rescue with a tight deadline, all while making decisions that affect not only himself but hundreds of thousands of his subjects in this new world. Can he figure out his new magical powers fast enough and will he and Aloren reach Jacob's father and sister before time runs out?

Forsaken Prince, Kilenya Chronicles Book One is an edge-of-your-seat story of fantasy, adventure, and exciting twists and turns. Secure your copy now to begin the magical journey!

NOTE: Forsaken Prince is The Key of Kilenya rewritten and reimagined. Jacob is two years older and the story reflects that change of age. It is an edge-of-your-seat story that'll keep you reading late into the night. Enjoy!

All of Andrea's books tie together. Here is the suggested reading order:
Forsaken Prince
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Rise of Keitus
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Forsake (A Mosaic Chronicles Novel)
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Conceal (Jacob and Nicole teaming up)
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