Longings of Surrender

by Sophie Kisker

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On a world where no woman is free, one woman refuses to kneel.

Enna is a runaway, forced to hide in the desert mountains with others like her. But despite the harsh environment, what she's escaped from was intolerable, and she will never let herself be retaken. When a chance comes to find her daughter, ripped from her arms just months before by her owner, she only has her courage to fall back on, because she trusts no one else.
Especially another man.

Captain Matias Acoff found his missing sister on Midros, taken as a child from her home planet and raised in captivity. Now he's helping to sort out other women who were taken and send them home. When he meets Enna, he finds himself reluctantly involved with a group of runaways. Even if she accepts his help to find her daughter, he can't free her. She'll always be a fugitive. And if she's found, the law is clear, and the punishment for running is severe. When his assignment ends, how can he leave behind the woman he's come to love, to face that by herself?

This book has elements of unequal power exchange and meant for adults only. Please consider carefully if you prefer your romance dark, before purchasing.