Lost in Whispers: 2 Dori O. Paranormal Mystery Series

by Mary Castillo

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The Dori O. Paranormal Mystery Series continues in the latest release by Amazon Best Selling Author Mary Castillo

In her new book, Detective Dori Orihuela makes the arrest of her career within the filth-smeared walls of a dilapidated home . Among the drugs and weaponry, she meets the ghost of a pregnant woman whose warning saves her life. Dori goes back to her happy life with her boyfriend, Gavin and his precocious daughter. But the ghost doesn’t just follow her home, it found its way inside her.

In 1942, Roslyn Snow arrives from Pearl Harbor with her discharge papers and a baby she’s giving up for adoption. Hiding the shame of their unplanned pregnancies in what was once a magnificent private estate, Roslyn and her fellow patients wait out their terms. She must be on guard to hide her real identity, the father of her child and protect her heart that wants to care for these forgotten girls.

Disturbed by the visions and drawings written in a hand that is not her own, Dori finds help from her best friend, Meg and an eccentric cemetery manager, Richard. But as Dori explores her gift to communicate with the dead, she is exposed to those who could destroy everything and everyone she loves.