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BOUND: Bare Innocent: Pia's First Time

Q. Zayne

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If he knew my secret, that I’d never let a man touch me, would he still want me?
“Come with me, Pia. For one night. I want to make your dreams come true.”

How did the handsome stranger know I needed help? And that I had dark fantasies? Something about Gabe’s turquoise eyes drew me to him. His hands on my shoulders sent a warm current between my legs. If he kept looking at me like that, I might agree to anything.

It’s auction night at The Billionaires Club. The outnumbered beauty is about to find out what she’ll have to do to get Gabe to change her life.

This is a standalone, near-future dark fantasy novella rated 18+ due to language, sexual content and mature themes, including a former nun's unprotected interracial public submission to big men. No cliffhanger. BOUND is the fourth episode in The Billionaires Club series. This episode is as sexual as the others but most of the language is less blunt, in keeping with the heroine’s innocence.

Dark Erotica
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