Naughty List: Lissette and Naomi

by Cindy Larie

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What if I told you that you may not know the WHOLE story of what goes down on Christmas Eve? What if I told you Santa was an alien, and St Nick was his son? What if I said that while Santa is making his rounds, bringing toys to all the good LITTLE girls and boys…his son, St Nick, was making HIS rounds, rewarding the good BIG girls and boys and PUNISHING the bad ones? AND, what if I said that THIS year, the tables were gonna be turned for the first time EVER…and I was willing to share the whole story with you? Are you curious? Well step inside and let me tell you the true story of St Nick, and his experience with Lissette and Naomi. 18+ please, due to adult situations. This is a short, spicy tale that’ll make you smile this holiday season.