Buck Me Daddy

by Virginia Sexton

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My happy endings only come in one variety.

Then she rode into my life.

Nannies are supposed to minimize distractions, not cause them.

She’s got the kind of sweetness that makes a man want to sink in his brand.

And she’s connected so deeply with my spitfire of a daughter, she has me thinking I’ve found my match.

But I have time for two things in my life: My little girl Lyssa and working my ass off to stockpile my baby a fortune.

I should be focused on the ranch and my investments.

Instead, this cowboy’s aching to break a wild mare.

I’m usually the one who tames the wild things around here, but just when I’m ready to give her the ride of her life, she pulls in the reins.

This stubborn cowboy’s set in his ways, but even I realize something needs to give if I’m going to keep her...