CAPTURE - Wrecked Innocent: The Hunt

by Q. Zayne

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You don't know what you're capable of until your world rests in one man's hands. You don't know how far you'll stretch, how low you'll go, or where your snapping point into your own darkness lies -- until someone pits you against real evil with someone else's life hanging in the balance.

I'm Angie, a 19 year-old sailor sailing around the world solo to save my dad's life. Until a storm wrecks me on a private island and a mysterious, too-hot older man makes me a proposition no one should have to consider.


He looked like an ad for menswear for a super expensive magazine, or someone you’d see on the cover of an adventure novel: strong, tanned face, crinkles around the eyes — outrageous eyes the color of the sea when it’s that unbelievable blue-green that looks like it goes on right to the bottom where the treasure ships wait.

His thick beard made him timeless, like a ship’s captain from another century. The pure masculinity of it drew my eyes, and it seduced me into imagining his mouth and chin naked, the way a striptease artist plays on what’s hidden more than on what’s revealed.

"I won't bite," he whispered.

CAPTURE is a standalone futuristic Dark Fantasy novella, the longest yet in my top-selling The Billionaire's Club series. No cliffhanger. For Mature readers 18+. Trigger warning. This is not a formula read. It's dark and dirty. Don't look inside or download it unless you want all-out hard and unprotected erotica with interracial love. I write for adventurous readers.