by Brian Basham

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The Virtual Wars system has eliminated war as we know it. If things are unable to be resolved diplomatically then the armies of New Pangea fight it out in a virtual reality simulation. The winner gets the spoils, but no one dies... usually.

Virtual Wars: Initialization follows a teenager named Miri. His only ambition is to play for his academy's Virtual Wars team. Along the way he encounters a group of bullies who try to assault and intimidate him. It turns out that they play for a rival team. Hannah is one of his teammates who becomes a close friend. She prides herself on her ninja spy skills and the amount of colors she can dye her hair in a week. Miri also encounters a beautiful girl named Kitsie while she is on the run from the law. He knows almost nothing about her, but feels the need to help. She exposes Miri to certain truths that could turn his world upside down. He can choose to ignore what he has learned to live a normal life in fear, or he can choose to act and become a fugitive.