Forbidden: A Student Teacher Romance

by Amanda Heartley

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I'm her teacher... but rules are made to be broken.
Eight years together and my high school sweetheart cheats on me.

C'est la vie. I'm moving on, hopelessly defeated by love and relationships. Until I see her... a dark-haired beauty at a friend's wedding slipping a stolen beer bottle under her skirt. And when I catch her drinking it in my car, her ballsy attitude blows my mind ...and that's not all she blows. Can't wait to see this little firecracker again.

Though I didn't expect to see Darcy quite so soon. Just two days later, sitting in my class — on the first day of my first teaching job, no less. Not the best start to my career.

I'm intrigued by her, although I know it's wrong. Her s*xy smile, the way she licks her lips at me when I look at her, the way she moves — they all make me rock hard for her. She's driving me wild. But as much as I want her, I have to push her out of my mind. This can't happen... we can't happen.

There are rules against teachers having s*x with their students, and I've spent six long years working my ass off to get to this point. I won't throw it all away now. She's a divine temptation, but she's forbidden, nonetheless.

*** Forbidden is a heartwarming new adult romance featuring a hot and steamy relationship between a fresh out of college teacher and his beguiling student. Absolutely NO cliffhanger, NO cheating, a happy-ever-after guaranteed, and for a very limited time, my panty-melting older woman, younger man romance, Runway Encounter, is included as a bonus!