Kobra Khan

by KT Morrison

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Four couples lives intertwine as they explore their erotic boundaries. From simple wife-watching to cuckolding and domination and humiliation, these couples have one thing in common: they all share the same incredible bull. And he is far more than they even expected.

Mike and Gretch: Not married, but dating for a good long while. Two comedy writers just at the edge of love, that strange and delicate space where the act of sharing can be so dangerous. But they’re two cool cats and they’re sure they’ve got it all locked down. They call her ex-boyfriend from college, Atticus Hawke, a guy who has in the years since their breakup, and before Mike, been a reliable booty call for her.

Sean and Courtney: Sean’s a Type A stick of dynamite. A rocketing studio exec, competitive and driven, he shares an incredible bond with his gym-toned wife. Courtney is all in for the new game she and her handsome husband have devised. Their ten-year-old daughter is out of the house and away at boarding school. They’ve planned a one-year commitment to one another about honesty, openness, and exploration. They’re going for broke. Their new thing? Sean likes to watch and Court likes to be watched. They’ve found a guy online. He seems too good to be true. A guy called Finch, endowed, muscular, handsome like a fashion model. Courtney’s been working out and she’s going to put this stud through his paces.

Steve and Becky: Becky’s a headstrong X-Ray technician who landed herself a multi-millionaire tech investor husband thirty years her senior. Steve loves to be dominated and he found the girl of his dreams in Becky. She’s got an iron will and she loves her husband. Loves him enough to lock him in chastity and keep him abstinent for months on end. It’s okay, don’t worry about Becky, she gets a regular visit from a drop-dead gorgeous man named Finch. He keeps her satisfied. Sometimes, if he’s been good, she’ll even let her husband watch.

JJ and Amy: Two young country bumpkins just arrived in Los Angeles. JJ wants to live a lifestyle he’s only dreamed of and this city is part of it. He’s married to the sweetest little nineteen-year-old outta Jackson Pond, South Carolina and he’s sure she’s on a fast ticket to stardom. She just needs her first big break. While they’re waiting he’s got a fantasy he wants to see lived out. He would do anything to see his little Amy with a man who’s got a big one, one’ll make her scream like those girls he watches on the internet. He found a guy online, one Amy didn’t make her vomit-face at. He’s got everything JJ’s been looking for and, thank the stars, he’s agreed to do it.

Atticus Hawke: Finch is his online name. His nighttime name. The one he uses on a site that puts him in touch with couples looking for a bull just like him. By day he is Atticus Hawke. You might have heard of him. You know the song from the eighties, ‘Going With That Girl’? No? You’d know it if you heard it. That was Atticus' dad, Ricky Hawke. Yes, that Ricky Hawke. Now you know. Made a bunch of singer-songwriter hits in a time when all the kids wanted pop coming out of synthesizers and their stars to be pretty boys and have colourful hair. Ricky had real talent. So does Atticus. One of L.A.’s hottest emerging Modern artists, his work commands a fortune. But it pales against his enormous trust fund. These days his real work is done at night. His masterpieces. That’s where his passion is. Watching and participating in intense psychological dramas in dark hotel rooms across the city. He gives women what they want. They’re a canvas, a medium. His audience: their husband.