Pool Party

by KT Morrison

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A cuckold thriller.

Darren’s wife is far away this weekend at a conference in New York City. At least that’s what she told him. Who knows these days?

He’s got a sneaking suspicion Lynn’s been cheating on him. Nothing concrete; little things. Like the gym dedication, the slim-fitting new clothes ... there’s an attitude as well. And she’s been denying him his marital pleasures.

A distance has been growing between them though they’ve been happily married for twenty-five years.

Today’s the hottest day of the summer. A hundred-and-five degrees, and at Darren’s house it’s about to get even hotter ...

A fortuitous knock on the door brings Darren surprises and clues to the mysteries that have been keeping him awake ...

He worried his imagination had been getting away from him ...

Sometimes the worst thing you can imagine isn’t even close.