Moonlight Magic: A Limited Edition Collection of Supernatural Tales

by Jennifer Lynne

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Whether it is the witching hour, dawn, day or dusk, you are sure to find a thrill with these supernatural tales of the paranormal. This collection of stories caters to every taste. From steamy to sizzling with witches, werewolves, leprechauns, dragons and even Greek gods, your pulse will pound and your heart will race. Proceed with caution when you read this compilation because what is read, can never be unread, especially not under the magic of moonlight.

Featured Authors include:
Nicole Morgan
Kate Allenton
Lucy Felthouse
Carma Haley
Krista Ames
Linnea Alexis
Tamsin Baker
J.E. Taylor
Laura Greenwood
Jane Hinchey
Diana Bocco
Elena Bryce
Livia Quinn
Cadence Denton
Adaline Raine
A.C. Nixon
Jennifer Lynne
Laurie Treacy
Crystal Dawn
Jocelyn Dex
Angie Daniels
Lexi Ostrow
Andrea R. Cooper
Rachael Slate
Kaiden Klein
Aubrey Wynne