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HIS to KEEP: Paranormal Possessive Alphas

Q. Zayne

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Giving in to the lure of the forbidden has consequences.
This bargain box set of dark, erotic paranormal novellas serves up dangerous passion — for mature readers only!

Enter the heated world of dominant, possessive, alpha men. Each of these hunks takes and keeps the woman he desires, his fated mate — even if she’s off-limits.

Bear Consumed:

A mysterious young shifter from another realm awakens a mature werebear’s dark passions.

I wanted her to wake aching and remember what I did. I wanted to be the bad doctor and bad bear she'd never forget.

Witch Love:

A young witch experiences confusing dirty desires for her mother’s mysterious billionaire fiance.
I glanced at Mario. Cigar smoke billowed around him. Sure as hell those were flickers of flames in his eyes. He sat with his legs spread, filling the armchair, his trousers tented. He was getting off on this. Sadist.


A fierce, curvy psychic detective needs an avenger, an avenger who needs a woman — and has to make a baby ASAP.

Can a billionaire crime fighter help her heal the secrets of her past?

A blonde woman stalked toward me with hell in her eyes, her face the mask of a controlled killer.
“I found you again,” she said, soft and low, for my ears only. A business suit hugged her curves and a wrap blouse displayed her cleavage. She smelled like jasmine. My senses wavered at the force of her emotions, like when I was a new psi.

Werewolf’s First Love:

A young alpha werewolf becomes captivated by a curvy, Black church singer.

I had to have Charity, even though taking her as my mate might mean leaving my pack.

Note: HIS to KEEP is rated Mature 18+ for sexual content, BDSM, language and dark adult themes, including sadism, abuse and brief violence. Contents may be triggering for some readers.

Dark Erotica
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