His Captive: 2 Taken by the Older Alpha Stories

by Q. Zayne

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Her dirty secret: Deep inside, she longs to be his captive.
When strange circumstances require it, she surrenders to the dominant older man who demands her complete submission.
She experiences the thrill of being at his mercy.
She'll never be the same.

These two stories feature curvy heroines and the dominant men who must have them. The hard action is one-on-one.
This book contains strong sexual content, dark themes and material some readers may find disturbing. It’s pure fantasy and includes mild paranormal elements. Don’t try this at home. Trigger warning. If you’re prone to becoming upset by fiction, this book is not for you. All characters are over 18. For Mature adults 18+

Plus-size model Amy gets abducted by a pirate captain:
The way his eyes raked over me told me I was in trouble before he first put his hands on me. His big, hot, calloused hands.

Untouched college student Blair searches for her missing girlfriend at an ancient temple. She’s at the mercy of her godfather and former priest:
The relic rested on my belly, low, above the waistband of my cut-offs. It felt warm as flesh on my bare skin.
Please note: Abducted and Innocent Captive have appeared as singles and in other collections.
Adventurous readers, enjoy entering the world of His Captive, where heroines descend into the dark and find love.