Unearthly Delights: Tales of Paranormal Desire

by Selena Kitt

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"A ripple in the air. Invisible fingers caress your skin. Ancient magic kindles insatiable lust.

Supernatural powers thrill the senses and expose secret obsessions.

ERWA is proud to present this exciting collection of eight intense, arousing stories that shatter the stereotypes of genre, delivering a fresh and compelling take on paranormal sexual experience.

A woman seeks ecstatic oblivion in the arms of an incubus. History repeats itself as ghostly lovers seduce through vivid dreams. An ancient collection of obscenely decorated lamps redefines the joy of possession.

Featuring Selena Kitt’s stunning masterpiece, “The Velvet Choker”, Unearthly Delights brings together some of the best storytellers in this world—or the next. It’s a sexy, spine-tingling treat, just in time for Halloween.