The Sweetest Mistake

by Cassandra Blue

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You know what really blows?
Watching your ex-boyfriend become a billionaire and marry a supermodel.
Especially when you’re struggling to be taken seriously as a journalist, not to mention seriously single.
So why doesn’t it feel good to watch him crash and burn?
Maybe because I know he’s innocent. And he trusts me to clear his name.
This story could make my career. I just have to keep my feelings in check.
Even if my body burns for him, and my heart aches every time he says her name.
He wants me to believe she was a mistake. He wants me to wear his collar again.
Finn O’Connor wants a lot from me – and I’m afraid that all I want is to submit to him, all over again.


I met the love of my life in high school, and she broke up with me before college.
I’ve spent a decade trying to fill the hole she left in my heart.
One mistake after another, until I wound up devastated, betrayed, and hated by everyone who owns a TV or reads the paper.
Except for Gloria. I don’t think she hates me – even though she should.
I think she’s the only one who can save my reputation, and my soul.
She still trembles at my touch. She still kneels at my command.
But her mind is a steel cage, and her heart is locked up tight.
This time, I’m not letting her go. This time, I’m playing for keeps.