A Dad in a Cape: A Mr. Wonder Novel

by Sean Stansell

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Ordinary dad by day. Caped crusader by night…Chuck Nelson’s life has always been ordinary. But a sudden act of bravery during a robbery turns the accountant’s humdrum life into something incredible. After stopping the thief, a homeless man gives the father of two a cape that endows him with unbelievable superpowers…With the help of a jaded retired hero, Chuck learns how to don the cape and fight crime. But what started out as a welcome distraction from his daily routine begins to take its toll. Chuck is unsure if he can handle being both a family man and a superhero…When the underworld of his alter ego poses a dangerous threat, Chuck realizes that to save the ones he loves most, he’ll need to win the fight of his life…A Dad in a Cape is a humorous superhero adventure. If you like electrifying action, everyday heroes, and super-powered origin stories, then you’ll love Sean Stansell’s entertaining tale. Buy A Dad in a Cape today to start training for a one-of- a-kind adventure!