I Am A Butterfly: A Story About Big, Beautiful Changes

by Sally Stone

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Have you ever been scared of the dark? Or big life changes?

I Am a Butterfly is a charming story, told in dazzling photographs, about a monarch butterfly who faces metamorphosis, overcomes her fear of the dark chrysalis, and takes flight with beautiful new wings. Big, beautiful changes, no matter how scary at first, can bring new friends and new opportunities filled with delicious nectar.

Resources and action points provide many ways to become actively engaged in protecting the monarch butterfly population at home or at school. You'll learn about the monarch lifecycle and how to attract monarchs to your own backyard, which will be great fun and can help grow back the endangered monarch butterfly population.

Although perfect for teachers, parents, kids, and monarch butterfly lovers, adults will relate to the butterfly's big changes and be reminded that after the dark scary chrysalis come the beautiful wings.

So whether you're teaching kids about metamorphosis, or you're a kid or adult who loves monarchs and the wonders of nature, or you're simply finding your way through one of life's big changes or challenges, a butterfly can show the way.

I Am a Butterfly includes:
* Beautiful photos of each stage of metamorphosis
* Ideas to attract monarchs to your school or backyard
* Resources to protect monarch butterflies
* Internet links for butterfly research
* A life cycle diagram
* Fun facts about butterflies
* Opportunities to discuss life skills