Dreamcatchers: The Complete Collection

by Jamie Garrett

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Five women, alone in the world. Five different psychic powers. And one monster hunting them all.

*** FIVE FULL NOVELS: 320,000 words ***

Emily is inside the killer’s mind, or is he looking into hers? She was the first to ever escape the killer, and he doesn’t intend to let it happen again.

Keila has spent her entire life on the run, trying to save ones like her, all the while being hunted herself. One day, someone she finds will stay alive long enough to help her fight the faceless enemy.

Kidnapped, drugged, and at their mercy, Payton refuses to believe those who rescue her mean her no harm. She does what she always has, runs. That is, until she meets Cole, a man hiding his own dark secrets. Can she finally stand up to her stalker?

Lainey can read people with ease; their dreams, fears. It makes her life easier, even though she’s also lonely, alone with a gift she can tell no one about. Then, she overhears a man who wants to kill her. Can Lainey figure out how to use her gift to find safety or will she discover that she really is alone?

Sienna’s life was normal, and she hated it. Until the day she found her mother lying dead on the living room floor. She’d been tortured and then killed. Sienna’s life is shattered. She’s on the run from a murderer who knows everything about her, when she knows nothing at all, not even her mother’s real name. Can she find the key to save everyone, or will death catch up to them all first?