Serpent's Bite

by A.L. Tyler

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With friends like these...

A leviathan is still stalking the waters around Tulukaruk. No one seems to know what he wants, or when he will strike again.

His accomplice has come on shore to terrorize the only remaining human on the island--Ember Gillespie.

Trapped, she tries to avoid an untimely death, and finds her loyalties wavering between the family that abandoned her and the demons that have taken her in. The sudden resurrection of more than one long lost romance has further complicated the situation. Ember is caught in the middle of a twisted rivalry growing between Zach and Acton, and her wish to escape alive is challenged by a forbidden desire to build a life on the island.

But the secrets and drama on Tulukaruk go much deeper than Ember has ever realized. She’s about to learn that her dark story is only one piece of a long and infamous history.