Unite the Frontier

by J. Malcolm Patrick

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A Great Empire Teeters On Ruin

A father's rejection...
A son's burning hatred...
A brother's betrayal...

The Emperor is old... and now the future of the Empire is uncertain. Of his two sons, one desires to carry on his father's legacy, and the other seeks to destroy it.

A Conflicted Soldier

Since his mother’s revelation, Aaron Rayne is unsure of his place in the universe. He's given no time to process it, as he takes Phoenix deep into Alliance territory to find Lt. Rachael Delaine and confront the leader of the Immortals.

Once More Unto The Breach
Supreme Commander Shepherd suspects the Empire is building a weapon so powerful, it could destroy the fabric of the universe. He dispatches Commander Alvarez on a mission deep inside Imperial territory to investigate. What they find could cement a lasting peace treaty, or doom both Enclaves to a forever war.

Friendship and Loyalty

What do these things truly mean? Commander Aaron Rayne and his crew are about to find out.

The finale to the story arc which began with the well-received Border Worlds. The adventure spans the galaxy, the stakes are high, and the action fierce. All a captain needs is a good ship and a good crew, and all they need is a good captain and faith in each other. Loyalties will be tested, friendships will be shattered. But one captain is willing to sacrifice everything to hold it all together.