Beyond The Frontier

by J. Malcolm Patrick

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An Existential War

In the 22nd century, the Lazarus Society unlocked the secrets to transcendent cloning. After a catastrophic war United Earth outlawed the practice. If humankind unlocked the secrets to immortality, the fundamental question was: what would one do with forever?

The Society's survivors fled and took refuge among fledgling human colonies in the Outer Rim.  

The Outer Rim 

While on a covert assignment, the United Fleet ship Endeavor commanded by Avery Alvarez is attacked by a ship claiming to be from the Outer Rim and vanishes.

Aaron Rayne

Back at Fleet Headquarters an experimental treatment has revived Commander Aaron Rayne but could change him forever. As he grapples with an uncertain future, he leads the crew of Phoenix on a mission to learn the fate of Endeavor.                                                    

What he discovers beyond the frontier could forever alter the future of mankind. 

The action and adventure continues in this fast paced science fiction space opera series. If you enjoy a small dose of military scifi, space opera, great characters, ripping space battles mixed with a dab of good natured light humor, then you won't be disappointed by this sequel.