Single Dad's Unexpected Virgin by Kyanna Skye

by Lovy Blog ARC

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I have been retired from Black Ops for years now.

And though I work for Edgewater, I’ve avoided danger. I’m a single father with a little girl to raise, and she comes first.

But I’m tired of lonely nights and an even colder bed.

And then I met her.

Falcon was her screen name. My friend. Fellow hacker. Sometimes, partner in crime. But more than all that she is a beautiful young woman who is in danger.

Innocent, cautious, and afraid to show her emotions, she could be just the thing to ease my ache. I know what it is to have a woman to love, and to lose her. But I’m not going to waste any time when I know the pleasure that could be hours. I want her to let me in. I want to feel her and make her come for me, hear her scream my name. I want to be the one to give her what she’s never had before.

And I won’t let anyone stand in my way.