The Wolf Riders of Keldarra: Book 2: Second Elder of Ruh'nar

by Nathalie M.L. Römer

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Marrida and Alagur travelled to the north eastern coast to a city so ancient that even those with the Stone of Truth had trouble seeing its past. This city was also where the faction of the Keepers of Truth had started. In the seeking out the truth they discover the shocking beginnings of this faction. This is also where the corruption of the Wolf Riders had begun so many millennia ago.

Not much is known about the reasons for the corruption, not even among the Wolf Riders who now see it as their right to do warfare on a world that has lost its innocence a long time ago. With their knowledge gleaned from using the Stone of Truth, Marrida and Alagur decide to try and solve this ancient mystery.

Their perilous journey not only brings them closer to finding more truths about Keldarra, but unexpectedly also ties them closer to this long-forgotten beginning of both their factions. And this truth almost tears their fragile love for one another apart in the process before they learn what fate has in store for them both… and this creates a bond greater than love itself.