The Sartious Mage

by B.T. Narro

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At just seventeen years old, Jek Trayden’s power with Sartious Energy could be the greatest in the world, but that power comes at a price—a darkness within him that attacks while he sleeps, producing nightmares so real they leave him bruised and bloody.

With the attacks worsening, Jek can’t refuse an opportunity to end his nightmares for good when the King promises him a cure in exchange for a task.

But after the King’s true intentions are revealed, Jek finds himself in a fit of rage, stealing the King’s fearless and livid daughter from the palace—on her wedding day—and fleeing the city with the wrath of her father on his tail.

Jek’s about to find out there are some things in this world worse than his darkness.

*A note on this novel in relation to the series:*
The Sartious Mage can be read as the first or second novel in the Rhythm of Rivalry series, but it should be read before the third.
This novel takes place in the same world as Bastial Energy, but on another continent with different characters that play a major role in later novels.