Little Havana Exile

by Hale Chamberlain

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How far would you be ready to go…to avenge the murder of your closest friend?

A tormented childhood in the outskirts of an old English metropolis, stained by incessant bullying and petty crimes. A voluntary escape from the family cocoon. A path obscuring by the day.

At the age of 18, Teddy Harper suddenly finds himself at the helm of the largest organized crime gang in Birmingham, UK. And with it, its lot of ruthless enemies and deathly perils.

When close associate and fellow ringleader James Wilkinson gets ambushed and savagely murdered by a rival group, Teddy is confronted with a choice that could alter the face of the city's underworld - stop the bloodshed and work toward a truce…or plot a revenge of epic proportions.

As he finally yields to his dark side and commits the unthinkable, he is left with no choice but to set sails for an untimely and treacherous exile.

"Exclusively for fans of high-octane action-packed tales of gangsters, mafia, vengeance and prison breaks such as the Godfather, the Outsiders, and Narcos."