Bariatric Mindset Success: Live Your Best Life and Keep The Weight Off After Weight Loss Surgery

by Kristin Lloyd, MS, LMHC, LPC

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Weight loss surgery is not the quick fix to having the body of your dreams, it's just the first step! Did you know that approximately 40% of WLS patients regain weight within 5 years of surgery? When it comes to long-term WLS success, you've got to get a handle on your emotions and motivation.

This is why MINDSET is essential.

If you are not in the right headspace, you can slide backward and enter the danger zone of weight regain. After investing so much time and money to get your body where you want it, is having the wrong mindset worth the risk of sabotaging all you've worked hard to achieve?

In Bariatric Mindset Success, you will be guided through the WLS basics as well as advanced mindset, motivation, and emotional techniques to help you stay motivated through the ups and downs of life and to create lifestyle habits that keep you focused on WLS success for life, not just in the short term.

Make weight regain a distant memory, take a stand for yourself and create a healthier version of you.

You are worth it!