Noblesse Oblige

by Kiona Willoughby

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When black market dealer Catra begins her heat cycle for the first time, she quickly finds herself overwhelmed by her instincts. Just when it seems like her misery will eclipse her desire, one of her clients offers to help her out.

Prince Leon knows how to avoid trouble when scouting the black markets of his father's kingdom—but Catra is the last thing he expected. Instinctively and irresistibly drawn to her, he offers to help ease her heat symptoms, and she is quick to agree.

At first, the deal is a simple one: Leon helps Catra, and Catra pleases Leon in return. But each heated liaison brings them closer and closer, ultimately forcing them to acknowledge their illicit feelings for one another.

"Noblesse Oblige" is an erotic furry short with elements of fantasy and romance.

ARCs for the sequel are available here: