by Q. Zayne

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Beware: Detailed adult content and mature themes for readers 18+ only. Do not use while driving.
A predator abducts plus-size young women. A trucker gets dire news from home. An untouched curvy college student flees for her life.

Tyrone had the maple glazed donut right at his lips. He smelled the maple, and his mouth juiced at the prospect of the sugar crunch followed by the forbidden soft dough under his teeth going creamy in his mouth.
The impact knocked him backwards into the bush, sending the donut out of his hand, his head into the branches, and his arms around—.
“Damn.” He stared at the woman who landed on him, holding her tight. Mussed hair, bruised cheek, smeared fuchsia lips, cleavage into forever, and a soft round ass that wouldn’t quit.

Strap in for a scary-hot tale with a blue collar hero and a spirited young woman in danger.

Truckers—Tyrone is high-heat New Adult romantic suspense for adventurous readers. Trigger warning for abduction, grief, and mild power play. This is a novella of more than 18,000 words that takes place in a fictional, gritty California town. It follows the shorter books, Truckers and Truckers~Lyle. No cliffhanger. It can be read as a standalone. For greatest enjoyment, read Truckers 1 & 2 first. They’re now available in one volume.