Maxx Neon

by Lina Langley

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To say that things are going well for Max would be an understatement. He is living his dream, touring around the country with his band, playing music to hordes of adoring fans. But his dream turns out to be more difficult and exhausting than he expected. In his daydreams, Max never expected to have to wear eight inch heels for six hours as he performed or how much the exhaustion would add to his relatively well managed back pain. Regardless of the difficulty, Max is grateful.
With everything else going on in his life, he rarely has time to think about how lonely it is to be on the road with a band of amazing musicians whose names he barely knows. He doesn’t think that’s going to change—in truth, he doesn’t care if it doesn’t, he has enough to worry about. After a grueling performance, however, he meets Eli backstage during a meet and greet.
Drawn to him in a way that he can’t explain, Max ends up inviting him back to his hotel. The two of them have a night together that neither one of them is bound to forget any time soon. For the first time in a long time, though, Max is starting to realize that he might want more than his current life provides.
Maybe not all of his dreams have come true yet.
This story is approximately 30,000 words and contains adult language and erotic scenes. Content warning for back pain descriptions and fainting.