Winning Bid

by Virginia Sexton

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This isn’t just an auction; it’s a war, and she's the grand prize.

Sweet, girl-next-door types like Wendy Hart don’t usually sell their innocence for cash. She’s a rarity, and my arch-rival, Orson Bishop, will stop at nothing to claim her.

If she needs money, Bishop can make her impossibly wealthy, but I’ve got sizeable assets... and an impressive bankroll, too.

Bishop's used to taking what he wants, even if it means stealing it.

But not this time.

This isn’t a game — it’s personal — and I’m going to win.

I won't let him destroy Wendy's sweetness just to get under my skin.

He just wants to use her and throw her away, but not me.

I want more than one blissful night. I want to make her mine forever.

I’m not backing down from this fight.

I’m playing for keeps.