Moon Lake Dance: Ghost's Treasure

by Lucia Kuhl

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Life, her business, and her ex chewed forty-two-year-old Ballroom Dance Studio Owner Sydney Hovan up. Now someone wants her dead. And a suspicious cop is sniffing around her property.

Officer Link Carter is hot. Like maybe Sydney could forget she's sworn off men, hot. But she isn't stupid. She's worked her butt off to build her new business. Mortgaged the land of her ancestors to do it. She's got a solid shot at winning a national contest. The prize money will pay that mortgage.

Her nemesis isn't coming after her alone. He or she has hired a whole crew. So has Sydney. Her entire crazy, sharp-shooting, psychic family, including a few ghosts--ghosts with their own agenda.

In this paranormal murder mystery, the women sleuths and their ghosts follow a clue trail through turns and twists to protect the dance studio, their ranch, and the Village of Moon Lake--AND produce a Thriller Ending.

Take off your dancing shoes, put your horses out to pasture, and read this book.


What is the Moon Lake Paranormal Mystery series?
All the books in the series are PG-13. Most are G. They feature strong, powerful, small business women developing their powers while playing amateur sleuth to save their community, friends, and family.

What is the mood of the Moon Lake Paranormal Mystery series?
Fun, light paranormal and supernatural, a little bit western, a tad sweet romance, a moral to every story.