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Moon Lake Witch

by Lucia Kuhl

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Forty-nine-year-old workaholic Carrie Caser intends to open her fourth Art Gallery. She already owns three gallery-gift shops in small towns. Her Healing-Witch ancestor and the witch's ghost friends have other plans for Carrie such as learning to use her inherited magical powers. Carrie isn't aware she has those powers. Frankly, she doesn't believe.

Add to the mix a tall, dark, handsome stranger, kidnapping, forbidden magic books, and a town in disarray. This fun paranormal mystery turns Carrie's life upside-out and inside-down with action, adventure, and mystery.

Take the women from the 'Big Valley', stir with 'Bewitched', add a little 'Ghost and Mrs. Muir' and coat with a modern flair. The women of the Moon Lake Paranormal Mystery series appear.

Kick off your shoes and read this book.

What is the Moon Lake Paranormal Mystery series?
First off, all the books in the series are PG-13. Most are G. They feature strong, powerful, small business women developing their powers while playing amateur sleuth to save their community, friends, and family.

What is the mood of the Moon Lake Paranormal Mystery series?
Great fun, light paranormal, a little bit western, a tad sweet romance, a moral to every story.