Moon Lake Music: Witches & Ghosts on Duty

by Lucia Kuhl

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It started out as just another day in the life of a woman business owner. An extra appointment added to Sydney Hovan's schedule by her meddling ghost grandmother, an employee's jealous girlfriend armed with a baseball bat expressing her rage, a scream in the distance, a missing teacher.

It started as just another night in the life of a Ghost-Spirit. A John Wayne movie with her descendants, a distress call from Buckle the Beaver, a late night chase, and a dead body.

It will take all hands on deck to catch the bad guys, or girls, or animals. Ghost hands, witch hands, animal paws, and human hands must work together to solve this paranormal murder mystery all the way to the Thriller Ending.

Snuggle up with your best friend---animal or human---and read this book.

What is the Moon Lake Paranormal Mystery Series?
First off, all the books in the series are PG-13. Most are G. They feature strong, powerful, small business women developing their powers while playing amateur sleuth to save their community, friends, and family.

What is the mood of the Moon Lake Paranormal Mystery Series?
Fun, light paranormal, a little bit western, a tad sweet romance, a moral to every story.