Moon Lake Hate: Ghost Trouble, Witch Rescue

by Lucia Kuhl

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The face of the man retired investigative reporter Elle Collins hadn't meant to kill appears at the most inopportune moments. He's haunting at her mind at a time when she's wrestling with life-changing decisions.

That's not totally true. Deciding isn't hard. Committing is. Should she go back to her old life as a reporter or forge ahead on her path as a business owner and genealogist. She's already booked the gig and bought the land. Both paths are lined with bodies. And ghosts--some friendly, some bossy, some just plain hateful.

Rafe Peters has had quite a year. He lost his wife to cancer a few months ago. The cost of her treatments nearly destroyed his family farm. A farm he would gladly lose if he could bring her back in good health. Then he learns his many greats grandmother was a witch. A real witch. And she wants him to continue her legacy. AND find a new life with Elle Collins, his old flame.

Elle's ghost grandmother wants the same union. Trouble is Elle and Rafe need to resolve their past while someone is killing farmers and ranchers. Together with the help of family and friends, they'll have to solve the murders and speed toward a Thriller ending.

Something for everyone: Western, Sweet Romance, Sharp-shooting Amateur Women Sleuths, Genealogy, A Psychic, Ghosts, and Witches.

What is the Moon Lake Paranormal Mystery Series?
First off, all the books in the series are PG-13. Most are G. They feature strong, powerful, small business women developing their powers while playing amateur sleuth to save their community, friends, and family.

What is the mood of the Moon Lake Paranormal Mystery Series?
Fun, light paranormal, a little bit western, a tad sweet romance, a moral to every story.