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Kubbern's Ghosts: Siren, Angel, or Witch?

by Lucia Kuhl

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Rags to riches aren't for the faint of heart, but when you haven't had a hot shower in months, well, restoring the old family homestead with a bunch of distant relatives doesn't seem so bad. That is until the journey twists and turns through angry ghosts, witches, murder, kidnapping, and an old legend.

Lea Laddie needs to decide if her street smarts and skill are enough to beat the evil in front of her and solve the mysteries. Riches, her family, and her life await her answer.

If you enjoy murder mysteries mixed with genealogy and peppered with the supernatural and paranormal spend an evening with the Kubbern Family. Watch the sun disappear over beautiful Lake Michigan, dine in one of Michigan's best restaurants, visit Three Oaks where the movie Prancer was filmed, sleep in the estate of a once powerful family.

Just don't upset the spirits or allow evil into your heart.

Something for everyone, Murder, Mystery, Thriller Ending, Ghosts, Witches, Old Legends, Sea Shores, Genealogy, and Amateur Women Sleuths. Pull up a deck chair, kick off your shoes, and escape into this book.