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The Crystal Ballroom: Revenge

by Lucia Kuhl

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Amber Jasper owns The Crystal Ballroom on the tiny island of Allegro. Amber has one wish. Revenge against the man who ended her future. She and her partner-in-revenge are so close to victory they can smell it. And wow, the aroma is tantalizing.

But! One night, a scream from the beach below and a body stir painful memories and force Amber to re-examine her soul.

And her father shows up too. Always at the wrong time.

Complicating matters is The Feud. A forever grudge ready to ignite the entire village. If the town erupts, bye-bye Allegro. Bye-bye Crystal Ballroom. There goes what's left of her future.
Why now? When she was so close. Her win is sinking into the cold Lake Michigan waters.

This paranormal mystery is packed with body-dropping intrigue and soul-searching drama. And musical ghosts. Download The Crystal Ballroom, search for a murderer, and enjoy the glitz and grit where music and dance mingle.