Mocha Me Crazy

by Kristen Flowers

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I moved 1,500 miles to get away from people like Hunter Michaels.
He’s everything I hate-
1. An immature prankster
The moment I met him, he told me his name was “Hugh Jorgan”. Can you imagine the embarrassment I felt when I called that out in a crowded coffee shop? Never mind the fact that his “organ” really is huge…

2. Doesn’t take anything seriously
He looks down on my no-nonsense attitude. Now, turning my life in to one big practical joke is his mission.

3. He’s wildly successful.
Here I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and he’s already accomplished more than I will in a lifetime. How on earth can such an immature a-hole be the most successful person in a resort town FILLED with successful people?
Everyone in this snooty place looks down on him, including me.

So why does my heart thump and my knees wobble every time he walks into my coffee shop? He’s got me questioning everything I thought I knew about myself.

I moved to this snowy resort town to get away from people like Hunter Michaels. I moved here to get my life together. And he’s going to wreck it all…

None of this was part of the plan.
But then again…
…falling in love is never part of the plan.