The 10-Minute Miracle

by David Callinan

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Re-issue of the bestselling self-help, alternative health title first published by HarperCollins and written by David Callinan and Gloria Rawson.

This little book sold mega-thousands of copies in many languages and was passed from person to person, helping people in every walk of life.

Are the recession and the credit crunch driving you to despair and depression? Are you anxious or worried about losing your job, destroying your relationships, going broke, loneliness or failure?

Could the economic gloom be affecting your health and well-being causing you undue stress and anxiety? Or is modern life just getting too much to bear? Do you long to banish negativity and relieve the pressure valve?

Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, if you live in today’s modern world you cannot fail to be affected by TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY SYNDROME.

Very few of us can escape the stranglehold imposed by the pressures of modern life on our work and careers, families, friends and our mental state.

What made The 10 Minute Miracle a bestseller was that it took holistic techniques and re-designed them into daily ten minute routines that were natural, didn’t result in guilt trips and even MORE stress and didn’t require you to attend classes, go on courses or residential weekends in order to REVERSE THE PROCESS.