Mike Delaney triple thriller set:

by David Callinan

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Downloaded thousands of times these stunning and remarkable thrillers feature ex U.S government assassin, ex Hong Kong Police and former esoteric warrior monk, Mike Delaney in three heart pounding action adventures

What fans say: 'The plots will blow your mind', 'Thrillers you MUST NOT miss', 'Mike Delaney is my new favorite hero'.

Delaney goes where others fear to tread. Part of the citizen's crime busting website confess-confess, his codename is 'The Monk'. He's a man gripped by spiritual doubts and aspirations, a master of a highly secret martial art (unknown outside the monastic Brothers of Light), and a belief in love and goodness above all. But life has a habit of pitting him against extreme danger, and unbelievable antagonists weirder than Dr. Lecter.

Book One: 'One False Move': A crazed escapee and child abuser kidnaps Delaney's wheelchair-bound friend and his 15-year old daughter. Delaney has just four hours to save them.

Book Two: 'Captured': He's breathing down her neck. She has something precious he wants. Only Mike Delaney can rescue her. Then he comes up against The Mammoth.

Book Three: 'The Immortality Plot': Delaney vowed never to kill again when he left the monastery to get married - until his pregnant wife is murdered. Now, all bets are off. A secret organization has slaughtered scores of young women for a terrifying purpose. Delaney must track down The Priest, a contract serial killer like no other you've ever read about.