Ride: Hearts Wild Series

by Allison Gatta

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Zoe Andrews could not be happier. Her flaky, free-spirited sister, Quinn, is finally settling down and even though she knows Quinn has cold feet—thanks in no small part to Quinn’s best friend Ian planting worries in her head—Zoe’s sure it will all work out in the end. Or, at least, that’s how she feels until her sister turns tail and runs, leaving behind only her cell phone and a note saying that she can’t follow through with the wedding. So, using what few tools Zoe has available, she tracks down the guy responsible for her sister’s disappearance, hell-bent on making him help her find the runaway bride.
When Ian Bennett sees Zoe Andrews traipsing across his construction site in her flowing taffeta bridesmaid dress, a scowl of purest loathing on her face, he knows he’s in trouble. Still, he can’t bring himself to apologize for telling his closest friend the truth: Quinn’s impending marriage was a sham. He wasn’t going to stand by and let her make a mistake, and though he wants to know that Quinn is okay, he also knows that if she says she needs time, then she needs time. The only problem? Zoe clearly isn’t going to let that happen.