Pyforial Games

by B.T. Narro

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The war has claimed thousands of lives, and it will claim thousands more unless Neeko can stop it. Of his own volition, he plans to travel through hostile territory, to the well-fortified capital of the South to find and slay the Southern king. If this wasn’t difficult enough, the Northern army—headed in the same direction—has orders to kill Neeko on sight.

But there are three people still on his side. Unfortunately, their assistance comes with a whole new set of challenges. There’s a psychic accused of murder who recently escaped custody, a chemist from a foreign land who cares little about the war and only seeks revenge for his fallen ally, and a mage whose guilt over recent events has her acting without prudence or patience. It isn’t long before it becomes clear to all of them that trusting each other could prove more difficult than assassinating the king.