Abby's Defilement and Redemption

by Siola Retsam

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As the sexual revolution and counterculture of the 60's swept across America, college-age Abigail struggled to find her identity in her South Boston, male-dominated family's misogyny. Falsely branded a slut, Abby decided to escape her father by living with her boyfriend where they could experiment with their bodies, explore their desires, and follow their passions.

But following one's passion has its price. When Abby's inhibitions give way to her desire, misguided choices lead to awful consequences. In a single fateful night, Abby's consent to experiment in the bedroom damages her body beyond repair, costing her the love of her life, all hope of being a mother, and all attachments to her family.

Cast out into the cold Massachusetts wind, Abby is taken in by three Harvard rich kids, but their help doesn't come free. In exchange for room and board, Abby must give them whatever they want, whenever they want, and when she's not cooking or cleaning for them, they bring her passions to the forefront, temporarily freeing her from her guilt and shame through intense moments of ecstasy and pain.

Despite the physical attention of three men, Abby remains haunted by nightmares, believing she is undeserving of love and beyond all hope of redemption. She continues to seek out punishment, reveling in degradation and humiliation... that is until the mysterious man in her nightmares appears in real life. He teaches her to use physical pain to release emotional pain, and Abby experiences things she never thought possible.

Can Abby, the South Boston slut, find self-forgiveness, love, and redemption under the guidance of her Master?